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Classic Manicure

This is the traditional manicure which provides upkeep and maintenance to keep your nails looking healthy



Hand Wrinkle Removal Treatment

We are using the Wrinkle Remove Expert device to smooth and tighten the skin of your hands. The ergonomically shaped massage head ensures deep penetration of active ingredients into the skin by ultrasound and galvanic therapy. The attachment which is especially designed for hands offers 3 levels of oscillation frequency as well as light therapy. Can be added to any nail service.



Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenating Treatment for Hands

We are using the Studio Skin Expert regenerating treatment device that combines the power of three proven skin care technologies – ultrasonic, galvanic, and LED therapies which help tighten the skin, improve regeneration, support the penetration of active ingredients, reduce pigmentation, promote blood flow and activate the cell metabolism. An ideal addition to any nail service.



Japanese Manicure

An ancient Japanese technique of buffing nutrients deep into the nail bed to achieve nails brimming with health. Perfect for clients with weaker nails or clients which like to take a break from no chip gel polish. This option creates a great natural shine which can last up to 2 weeks.



Spa Manicure

This is a luxurious manicure where nails are infused with specially selected plant extracts, followed by an organic soothing mask and massage. Your nails instantly become hydrated and youthful



Shellac Manicure

Take your nails up a notch with the extended wear CND Shellac nail polish. This no chip manicure offers zero dry time and provides a shiny, chip-free finish lasting up to 2 weeks



No Chip Polish Removal



Dip Powder Manicure

Nails are dipped one by one into the pigmented dip powder



Collagen treatment

An ultra nutritious collagen and argan oil mask will penetrate deep into your skin providing intense nourishment. You can combine the collagen treatment with any nail services



Deep moisturizing

A luxurious deep moisturizing treatment that relieves dryness, promotes circulation and makes your hands feel soft and smooth



Gel Overlay

One of our Gel Overlay Services



Dip powder manicure with tips

One of our Dip powder manicure with tips services



Full Set Gel

With a full set, artificial tips are applied and a layer of gel is applied over the entire nail bed



Gel Fill

Fills maintain either a full set or an overlay



Full Set Glaze

With a full set, artificial tips are applied and a layer of glaze is applied over the entire nail bed.



Glaze Fill

Fills are usually performed once every 2 weeks to maintain either a full set or an overlay



Add French to any service



Nail repair



Nail Art starting at



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